Day 8 & 9: 

Lauterbrunnen Valley!

We were living the ultimate dream Swiss vacation! Alpine hiking, trains, cheese, granola and yogurt, Saint Bernards with rescue flasks of whisky! All kidding aside, our time here was magical, from the moment we crossed the border!


 Taking a wrong turn and ending up on part of the ultimate Eiger Trail!

Day 1 & 2: Salzburg!

Check out Mozart's home, the Sound of Music locations, hike the byways to the fortress, see a concert, eat in a Biergarten, take a bike ride, sit at a cafe!


Lunch at Gasthaus Stadtalm Cafe, overlooking the city, visiting with the Austrians seated at our table about politics, cultural differences, food.

Day 10, 11, 12: Chamonix!

You know what's so great about getting back to France? The food! The French give food and drink the honored place it deserves. For example: We we asked at the hotel desk if they had a something we could put our wine in...they turned and quickly reappeared with a silver ice bucket AND 2 wine glasses. Seeing that we had a delicious lemon tart from the local bakery, they also returned with plates, forks, a knife and napkins!


 Having our phone rescued by the Mer de Glace first aid station rock (star) climbers! Amazing! And we figured the phone was gone for good!

Day 6 & 7: Füssen!

Füssen was filled with biking, visiting, relaxing, and eating. Bill chatted with the hotel chef about his banquet operation since they were both in the business. And had a great conversation at the local market with another customer -- Bill: What's a good wine? Local German: We like this one, but it's not local. Bill: Where's it from?

Guy: Across the river.


 Picnicking at the lake with the Germans!

Day 4 & 5: Dolomites & Alpe di Siusi!

Hiking boots? Check!

Camera and sunscreen? Check!

Daypack and water? Check!

Fabulous weather? Check!

Great company? Check!


  The sheer openness and beauty of the sky, the meadows, the mountains!

Day 3: Hallstatt!

We got lucky and received one of the spa rooms at our hotel. So, we took advantage of the opportunity to relax and then explore the town! But others hIked to the waterfall, got out on the lake, or went to the salt mines!

The choice is yours!


The morning mists reflected on the lake.

    Every day! Filled with Adventure, Food, Vistas, People, Castles, Getaways, Beer, Transportation, Quirky Stuff, and Dogs & Ducks! Be there!